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The regard of New Year.
I'm really happy when seeing people like my cards or presents.
I sent the New Year cards to four of my primary friends before CNY.

Of course, I gave some to my besties too in school.
I can known that they're really surprise when receiving my cards, b'cause I've never given them any cards from the 1st day we know each other. Hahaha!
I think they are really loving my cards. I've drawn some pics in front of the envelopes. I can seen the happiness from some of their faces when receiving those cards.
Moreover, their friends are also jealous them. Hah! Why? They jealous them that they have a good friend like me! They praise my drwings too. Omg! Make me so shy suddenly :P
PuiSan has captured some cards and uploaded to Facebook. I let my mum see my drawings. She was like.... so admire me. Hhahaaha! She said that my drawings is really improved! Okay, thank you mum! ;D

Okay, seriously. I hope they really like my cards. The cards I'm really making hard. And I'm really confident in my drwings too. The pics are really drawn well .... I think! ;)

By the way. Let's back to the topic of my primary friends :)
Renee & Mei Bing has told me that they've received my cards! They thanks me. Hahaha! They're so surprise too when they get mine.
They said they're appreciate it. I'm a little bit touching :'(
Another two of them I think they've received it too! ^-^

I would like to thank JingYing here for her New Year present.
It's really amazing! Thank you so much! ;D